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Sun Protection and Skin Nourishing Tinted Moisturizer

At Elina Organics, we believe your face deserves to be radiant and toxic free! Sun Shelter is a 100% organic, guilt-free tinted moisturizer with a lightweight and natural coverage, sun protection, and anti-aging benefits all in one! Sun Shelter contains natural coloring made from Zinc Oxide, Spirulina, Sea Buckthorn, Sun Flower Phospholipid, Sea Water Pearl, Chamomile, and Black Willow Bark. It will protect, nourish, and give your skin a beautiful dewy glow.

It is available in three shades: Light, Medium, and Dark. However, if you do not see your shade, please email to learn about how we can make a custom shade specifically for you! 

It can be combined with Crushed Pearl Powder Foundation to achieve your desirable coverage or create concealer.

Sun Shelter Tinted Moisturizer, Color Dark (2 oz & .5 oz)