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Skin Brightening and Restoring

Elina Organics Restoring Dew Elixir is formulated with Natural Fulvic Acid (15%), Mandelic Acid (10%) and Silk Peptides (5%), to restore your skin from sun damage. It gently brightens the skin and helps to even out complexion, while nourishing it with anti-aging phyto-nutrients. We suggest to use it at night by itself, or followed by Super Antioxidant Night Cream. 

The most active ingredients in Restoring Dew Elixir are Mandelic Acid and Fulvic Acid. Mandelic Acid and Fulvic Acid are go-to anti-aging ingredients in the world of skin care. They work to accelerate cell rejuvenation, helping to remove dead skin cells and fine lines while strengthening collagen. Mandelic Acid is an Alpha Hydroxy Acid derived from Bitter Almonds. Mandelic Acid has been shown to reduce Melasma or Hyper-pigmetation by as much as 50% in the first four weeks! Fulvic Acid shows Antimicrobial qualities and can moisturize skin well enough to treat Eczema.

Restoring Dew Elixir (2 oz & .5 oz)