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Peaches tighten pores and brighten skin while honey plumps, nourishes and hydrates. Instantly firm with skin-regenerating ingredients that leave you looking ageless.


  • Provides hydration for hours after application
  • Infuses skin with essential antioxidants, vitamins and minerals
  • Leaves skin appearing deeply nourished and hydrated
  • Rejuvenates and repairs aging skin
  • Leaves skin feeling tighter and firmer

*Due to natural ingredients, actual product color may vary.

Peach and Honey Mask (2 fl. oz.)

  • Peach Pulp
    This juicy fruit hydrates and soothes dry skin all while tightening pores and rejuvenating dull skin.

    Rich in antioxidants, natural anti-bacterial power and moisture-restoration properties, this is the bee’s knees!

    Calendula Extract
    Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties promote fast healing and regeneration.

    Superfruit Blend
    A combination of four vitamin and omega rich fruits that exfoliate and renew the skin without over drying while keeping it free of cell damage.

    Enhances delivery of antioxidants while also maximizing their benefits.

    Retinyl Palmitate
    A gentle, stable form of vitamin A that promotes a clear complexion and an even skin tone.

    Vitamin E
    The ultimate protector: This skincare essential aids in healing the skin, boosts UV defense, prevents dryness and works as an antioxidant.

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